Hire Homies—

If I'm not the right fit, hopefully my friends can help! This is a collection of amazingly talented designers, illustrators and more to help your vision come to life. 

Type Designers

Kyle Benson

James Edmondson

Victoria Rushton

Dave Foster

Andy Clymer

Tien-Min Liao

Lettering Artists

Kyle Letendre

Neil Secretario

Lauren Hom

Jill De Haan

Sindy Ethel

Lisa Quine

Sean Tulgetske

Ari Woeste

Matt Smith

Zach Smith

Adé Hogue

Winston Scully

Claire Coullon

Anna Frederick

Bryan Todd

Danielle Davis


Adam Grason

Simone Noronha

Josh Minnich

Andrew Fairclough

Kendrick Kidd

Nick Slater

The Hood Sisters


Matt Corrado

Ricardo Gonzalez

Ben Johnston

Gemma O'Brien

Annica Lydenberg

Nev McDuffie


  • Currently based: Phx, AZ
  • Hours: 8am–4pm MST