Artist Monogram Series

Lettering, Sign-Painting

The Away monogram campaign invited three artists to create personalized monograms on Away luggage. Jen Mussari, Alaina Sullivan and myself were selected to design custom monograms for the month of April 2016. Twenty-six italic capital letterforms were developed to keep the style consistant across each bag. After all the orders were placed that month, I ended up painting over 100+ bags!

Shortly after the campaign ended, Away provided me with the opportunity to design a monogram for Jake Gyllenhaal. Additional suitcases were painted for his castmates in his recently completed Netflix movie, Okja.

  • Client: Away
  • Photography: Nate Poekert
  • Year: 2016
Away Monogram Campaign
Away Monogram Process
Away Monogram Process
Jake Gyllenhaal Monogram
Jake Gyllenhaal Monogram

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