Gatefold Typeface 

Type Design, Illustration, Print

Gatefold is a six-style display face to be used at 30pt and above while the text-weight (unreleased) is designed for a minimum of 10pt. Gatefold is a semi-condensed, tall x-height family with brush-like terminals and a neoclassical influence. Perfect for editorial and advertising usage.

Features include: fractions, ligatures, discretionary ligatures, stylistic alternates, slashed zero, swash capitals and support for up to different 200 languages.

  • Client: Personal Project
  • Photography: Brian Dunham
  • Printing: Newspaper Club
  • Year(s): 2015–2017
Gatefold Typeface Specimen
Gatefold Typeface Specimen
Gatefold Typeface Specimen
Gatefold Typeface Specimen
Gatefold Typeface Specimen

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