Panama Tourism

Calligraphy, Lettering

Custom calligraphy and lettering created for the “Not for Tourists” campaign.  The calligraphy aimed to be expressive of the subject matter and emotion of the experiences being featured in each video. Over 40 pieces of calligraphy were completed for this project including English & Spanish variations. 

  • Client: Panama Tourism
  • AD: Ben Conaghan
  • Video: VML Inc.
  • Year(s): 2016/2017
Panama Tourism Lettering
For Sunchasers Lettering
For The Curious Lettering
For Culture Seekers Lettering
For Thrill Seekers Lettering
For Adventurers Lettering
For Historians Lettering
For Explorers Lettering
For Trendsetters Lettering
For Travelers Lettering
For Trailblazers Letteringa
For Animal Lovers Lettering

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  • Currently based: Phx, AZ
  • Hours: 8am–4pm MST